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Legally Blonde: The Musical

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The PACT Theatre Company wins big at The Nappie Awards!
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The PACT has been...
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The 2022/23 Fifth Anniversary Season at The PACT Theatre Company!
22/23 Blog
We are so excited...
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Legally Blonde Press Release
Blog Legally Blonde Press Release
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Legally Blonde: The Musical at The PACT Theatre Co!
Blog Legally Blonde
  By Hannah Love...
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The PACT Theatre Company wins big at The Nappie Awards!
Blog News

The PACT Theatre Company wins big at The Nappie Awards!

The PACT has been recognized as the 2022 Nappie Award winner for Best Children’s Theater Company. It is also taking home a Nappie for Best Performance of the Year for its production of “Beauty and the Beast.”

A big thank you to the community of Mobile and the Lagniappe for this honor!


Best Theater Group – Children’s
The PACT Theatre Company

 Best Play or Performance of the Year
“Beauty and the Beast,” The PACT

Learn more about the winners by clicking here!

The 2022/23 Fifth Anniversary Season at The PACT Theatre Company!
22/23 Blog

The 2022/23 Fifth Anniversary Season at The PACT Theatre Company!

We are so excited to re-Introduce our 22/23 Season! You might notice a couple of changes, but we think you’re going to love them.

October 6 – 23, 2022

December 1 -1 1, 2022

March 9 – March 19, 2023

May 4 – 14, 2023

July 14 – 31, 2023
*Southeast Premiere*

Thank you for your commitment to The PACT Theatre Company. You make what we do possible!

Legally Blonde Press Release
Blog Legally Blonde Press Release

Legally Blonde Press Release


For more information contact:   
Jay Spencer,  Marketing and PR Director
251.307.5056 | jay@thepactmobile.com


Everyone’s favorite blonde comes to Mobile, Alabama in The PACT Theatre Company’s production of Legally Blonde: The Musical!

Mobile, AL, June 21, 2022 – The fabulous pink bombshell known as Elle Woods is making her arrival to Mobile, Alabama for as The PACT Theatre Company closes out their 2021-2022 performance season with the smash-hit, Legally Blonde: The Musical. Led by director and choreographer Jacob Rowe, The PACT Theatre Company welcomes the public to witness a fierce and fabulous underdog story that teaches the lesson of empowerment and owning your choices. As opening night approaches patrons can head to thepactmobile.com to purchase tickets for the show’s three-week run, July 14th to July 31st! You won’t want to miss this Broadway-quality performance right here in Mobile so you can see for yourself why pink is power!

Based on Amanda Brown’s comedy novel and the hit movie, the story of a blonde college-sorority girl, Elle Woods, takes place as she is broken up with by her college sweetheart, Warner Huntington III who claims she isn’t “serious enough”. This causes Elle to pack her bags and dog, Bruiser, and enroll in Harvard Law School to prove to Warner that she is indeed serious enough for him. Legally Blonde is a fun and fabulous feel-good musical comedy with show-stopping dance and musical numbers that remind you that being yourself never goes out of style.


For tickets and information visit thepactmobile.com or Facebook.com/thepactmobile. Tickets are on sale now for Legally Blonde: The Musical!



Start: July 14th  |  End: July 31st
What: Legally Blonde: The Musical
Where: The PACT Theatre Company
Website: https://thepactmobile.com/
Time: 7:30pm (Thursday-Saturday) / 2:00pm (Sunday)
Email: boxoffice@thepactmobile.com
Phone: (251) 307-5056
Address: 5025 Cottage Hill Road, Mobile, AL 36609


# # #

The PACT Theatre Company creates innovative theatre experiences that ignite the imagination, inspire the spirit, engage the community and enrich lives by producing exceptional musical theatre, accessible to all. Each year we produce five professional theatrical experiences, along with our two youth performances, summer camps, our educational academy and training company. Now celebrating our fifth anniversary, The PACT Theatre Company remains committed to promoting theatre to everyone of all ages and backgrounds.

Legally Blonde: The Musical at The PACT Theatre Co!
Blog Legally Blonde

Legally Blonde: The Musical at The PACT Theatre Co!


By Hannah Love


In just over a week, the PACT Theatre Company will be showing the Broadway hit, Legally Blonde: The Musical. Like the film of the same name, it’s a familiar story: Sorority girl meets frat boy. Girl and boy fall in love. They get engaged. Psych. Boy breaks girl’s heart and goes off to Harvard. She follows him (and gets accepted in the Ivy League Law Program without any previous law experience or interest). And the rest, well, you’ll have to see. 


I recently got the privilege of attending rehearsals and let me just say, I am positive you will love it. One thing that stood out to me as I sat in the audience was the infectious energy of the cast. Every moment is intentional, and it is evident that the very Red Bull that sustains Elle’s antics is the same thing flowing through the veins of this stellar cast. 


Watching musical numbers like “What You Want” and “Whipped Into Shape” will leave you wondering just how these performers are still able to stand up by the end of the night. I give it up to an impressive amount of endurance they maintain throughout the show. One of these performers who requires this endurance is Emma Walker (Brooke Wyndham). When I asked her about her experience with this show, she told me, “Getting to portray Brooke Wyndham in my own way is so fun and I’ve loved every minute of it.” 


Beyond the stage, one of the most impressive things about this production of Legally Blonde is the fact that there has only been six weeks of rehearsals. Omigod!  For those unfamiliar with typical rehearsal processes, six weeks is a very short amount of time to produce a full-scale musical. Both Reid Williams (Emmett Brown) and Malinda Powers (Paulette Bonafaunte) remarked that it has been a challenge, but a rewarding one! 


I would be remiss not to mention the musical’s leading lady… or, in the case of the PACT, leading ladies. Lillian Odom and Morgan Davidson have both taken up the mantle of Elle Woods. One thing to note is that even though they are playing the same character, they are bringing their own hot pink flair to the role. Both expressed to me that Elle Woods has been a dream role since they were little girls. Passion radiates from both Odom and Davidson, so whichever girl you see in the role, you will be treated with a wonderful show. 

So come out and see the show July 14-31, 2022! Tickets are available on thepactmobile.com. If you come on out to see Legally Blonde, you will be so much better for it!