Theatre for the Very Young


  • A professional performance for children ages 0–7 years old and their grown-ups (or teachers)
  • An artistic experience that overcomes age, developmental barriers, and language, while expanding the consciousness of very young audience members and integrating sensory elements into each show.
  • A way for focus and creative thinking to be nurtured, or even discovered for the first time!
  • A cultural experience for the very young on their own terms
  • An inventive approach to making quality art experiences
  • A fun and inspiring experience for both children and their parents

“Theatre for the Very Young engages both parents and their pre-school children in creative experiences. The fourth wall is dissolved as young ones willingly become a part of the experience.” – Rosemary Newcott

In this participatory, multi-sensory theatre genre for children aged 0 months to 7 years and their caregivers, kids become an integral part of telling the story and are fully engaged throughout the show by professional adult actors and youth actors.

While this is directed to those 7 years and younger, this show is perfect for those older! This is a very interactive performance and those of all ages are welcome!



Emma has never heard of carousel animals leaving notes before, but she decides to take this one seriously. And it’s a good thing she does. Soon, she and her polar bear friend are soaring to the Arctic, where carousel bears from near and far dance beneath a sparkling night sky. It’s a perfect adventure. Afterward, Emma can hardly believe it really happened. (But it did!) For anyone who has ever imagined what it would be like to ride a carousel animal right off its platform, this enchanting story is your chance.

Booking now for April - July 2024!

We come to you! To your cafeteria, gymnasium, auditorium, classroom, etc!  We bring everything and educational materials! 

Show Cost:
Base Price (0-20 Kids): $200
21-30 kids: $250
31-40 kids: $300
41+: $350

Travel Fee:
Above 45 miles from our theatre: $60

Time Commitment:
Set-up time: 45 minutes
Performance Time: 45 minutes
Education/workshop time: 25 Minutes
Breakdown: 35 minutes 

TOTAL TIME: 2.5 Hours

If you have any questions or are ready to book your performance, feel free to email Kendall Lee, Director of Education at or call us at 251-307-5056

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