We’re thrilled to announce our cast for the first show of our 2021-2022 Season of Bravery, Disney’s Beauty & the Beast. We hope you’ll join us this November as we tell this enchanting story!


Beast: Hayden Salter
Belle: Anna Breland & Kasey Hernandez-Sexton

Maurice: To Be Announced
Gaston: Jeremy Cutter
Lefou: Cooper Irby
Monsieur D’Arque: Madison McPhillips

Lumiere: Reid Williams
Cogsworth: Caleb Steele & Emma Walker
Babette: Allison Bahmer
Mrs. Potts: Kimberley Canova & Joanne Parker
Chip: Barrett Breland & Elle Partridge
Madame De La Grande Bouche: Caroline Williams

Enchantress: Ashley McIntyre

Silly Girls: Lillian Odom, Lilly Robinson & Annabelle Steele

Aristocratic Lady: Tara Barber
Aristocratic Girls: Mendalyn Barber & Anna Frances Sullivan

Baker: Cooper Irby & Caleb Steele
Baker’s Wife: Hannah Love
Baker’s Child: Alice Huddle

Sausage Curl Girls: Katelynn Do, Stella Hill & Melina Towarnyckyj

Lady with Cane: Elizabeth Odee
Lady with Baby: Electa Brown
Bookseller: Holden Harper
Candle Man: Hayden Taylor
Fish Man: Claire Bradley
Ribbon Seller: Josalyn Gallant
Basket Weaver: Colton Fowler
Hat Seller: Anna Carlock

Milkmaid #1: Emma Anthony
Milkmaid #2: Victoria Beekman

Fruit Seller #1: Starla Hall
Fruit Seller #2: Maura Zachary

Cobbler: Wyatt Peavy
Painter: Archer Miller
School Teacher: Holly Moore
Egg Man: Jude Moore

Flower Seller #1: Aeryn Armstrong
Flower Seller #2: Sienna Bosarge
Flower Seller #3: Anna Broom
Flower Seller #4: Aisley Zachary

Laundress: Jennifer Gee
Laundry Apprentice #1: Louise Largue
Laundry Apprentice #2: Caroline Carter
Laundry Apprentice #3: Calista Conway

Shepherd Boy: Parker Richardson
Shepherd Boy’s Friend #1: Mya Guat
Shepherd Boy’s Friend #2: Hadley Moore
Shepherd Boy’s Friend #3: Ella Murphy

Blacksmith #1: Bo Ladner
Blacksmith #2: Kadin Crum

Tavern Owner: Holden Harper
Tavern Owner’s Wife: Hillary Harper

Beast Alternate/Young Prince/Stunt Beast: Wyatt Peavy

Audrey Anthony
Cooper Anthony
Molly James Duke
Abby Faggard
Mary Peyton Fleming
Peyton Gee
Gus Ladner
Jake Ladner
Callie McGuire
Madeline Shettlesworth
Delaney Smith
Lainey Vandenburg
Raylynn Waites

Emma Anthony
Tara Barber
Tori Beekman
Electa Brown
Anna Carlock
Jaylynne Dixon
Jennifer Gee
Ashley McIntyre
Elizabeth Odee
Lillian Odom
Wyatt Peavy
Lilly Robinson
Annabelle Steele
Hayden Taylor
Maura Zachary

Anna Carlock
Jaylynne Dixon
Katelyn Do
Emory Horton
Alice Huddle
Ashley McIntyre
Holly Moore
Elizabeth Odee
Lillian Odom
Jack Overstreet
Parker Richardson
Lily Robinson
Annabelle Steele
Anna Frances Sullivan
Hayden Taylor

Electa Brown
Kadin Crum
Holdon Harper
Elizabeth Odee
Wyatt Peavy

Tara Barber
Jaylynne Dixon
Ashley McIntyre
Holly Moore
Lillian Odom
Lilly Robinson
Annabelle Steele
Hayden Taylor
Emma Walker/Caleb Steele

Kadin Crum
Jeremy Cutter
Jaylynne Dixon
Emma Walker
Holden Harper
Hillary Harper
Cooper Irby
Holly Moore
Lillian Odom
Caleb Steele
Hayden Taylor

Lilly Robinson
Annabelle Steele
Hayden Taylor

Dance Captain: Hayden Salter & Jaylynne Dixon

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