The PACT is committed to the safety and wellbeing of our students and teachers and we will be implementing the following policies and procedures for our 2020 summer camps. These procedures may continue to evolve throughout the summer and we will update families if changes occur.


Wellness Policy

We will be conducting a pre-screening health questionnaire for campers and PACT staff seven days prior to camp to identify any health risk factors or potential exposure to COVID 19. If a child or staff member is exhibiting symptoms including fever, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, vomiting, or dry cough, we request they stay home and do not attend camp. If a student is exhibiting symptoms during camp, parents will be notified and the student must be picked up within one hour. They will need a doctor’s note to be re-admitted to camp. If a student or staff member has tested positive or has been exposed to COVID 19, they will not be able to attend camp.


Drop Off and Pick up Procedures

We have modified our drop off and pickup procedures to limit contact. For both arrival and departure from camp, we will assign separate areas for small groups of campers to be dropped off and picked up. Parents and/or others dropping off and picking up should remain in their car.


PACT staff will be outside to meet your children and escort them into the building.


Our PACT staff will be wearing facial coverings during drop off and pick up and we request that parents and guardians do so as well. 


Student Belongings

Students will be assigned their own cubby for the entire camp and will keep their belongings in their cubby. Throughout camp, we will take precautions not to share materials.


Hygiene Procedures

Students will be asked to thoroughly wash, rinse, and dry their hands or use hand sanitizer upon arrival at camp, before and after lunch, and before they leave for the day. PACT Staff will follow the same protocol. We will have hand washing signs in all of our bathrooms reminding students of proper handwashing techniques.


Cleaning Procedures

We are committed to executing cleaning and disinfection practices that are consistent with CDC guidelines. Before camp, a professional company will be cleaning and disinfecting floors and surfaces. Bathrooms, tables, doorknobs, switches, and other high touch surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected by PACT staff twice daily. We use bleach, isopropyl alcohol and soluguard disinfectant products. Cleaning products will be kept stored away during the camp day.


Mask/Facial Covering Policy

For PACT staff, our preference is not to wear masks. We feel that in a musical theatre camp, it can interfere with our ability to teach effectively. PACT staff will wear facial coverings during drop off and pick up and other times throughout the day, when feasible. Students are permitted to wear a mask, if they choose.


Social Distancing/Groups

As stated in the AL Department of Health Guidelines for summer camps, social distancing in summer programs and child care may look different than the common practice of maintaining six feet of distance between individuals. We will be following the AL Department of Health

Guidelines by implementing the following practices:

-Campers will travel throughout the camp day in small groups with the same supervising

teacher and counselor, whenever possible.

-We will utilize our abundant outdoor areas, covered porch, 4 canopies and grassy lawn, for as many activities as possible.

-Students will use their beach towels (brought from home) to create comfortable, hygienic personal space.


Meal Information

Students will bring their own lunch each day, including utensils, napkins, and non-carbonated drinks. Campers should bring a disposable or refillable water bottle to camp every day, marked with their name. Campers, teachers, and counselors will eat outside every day, using their beach towels to create comfortable, hygienic personal space. Friday night picnic dinner will be a separate packaged meal for each camper.


Questions or concerns regarding this policy should be directed to Marley Hall, Summer Camp Asst. Director at or 251-307-5056.


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