October 10 & 11, 2022

Sign in begins at 5:00pm
Auditions: 5:30pm until done

Invitation Only Callbacks
October 15, 2022 at 9am

The roles of Jack & Little Red are open to those in 6th grade & higher. 

All other roles are open to those in  9th Grade – Adults.

see below for more information

Audition Information

We are looking for all types of performers! Some roles require only dancers or only singers. Everyone must do a general audition, which is a singing audition.

We do allow video auditions. However, we prefer in-person auditions! To inquire about video auditions, email casting@thepactmobile.com.

In-Person Audition Requirements

  • Bring your music on an iPhone, iPod, mp3 player, or another electronic device
  • Bring a headshot or a recent picture of yourself (Not required, encouraged)
  • Bring a resume (if you have one, not required)
  • Dress to impress, no athletic wear if possible (at the vocal audition)
  • Arrive early to check in!


Into The Woods Casting Breakdowns


Rehearsals will be Monday-Thursday from 5:30-9:00pm.
Saturday Mornings from 10 am-3 pm. Sunday afternoon rehearsals may be added as rehearsals progress.
Rehearsals will begin on January 18.

Tech week rehearsals will go until 10 pm.

March 9-19, 2023 at The PACT Theatre Co.

More info regarding cast & costume fees can be found on the audition form & below.



Those ages 18 and up:
There is not a production fee for adults. However, there will be a small costume fee depending on where you are cast, for more info email office@thepactmobile.com!

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Into The Woods
Character Breakdowns

All roles are available.


An intellectual and pleasant story-teller who helps to orchestrate the show and illustrate lessons to the audience.
Gender: Male
Vocal range top: E4
Vocal range bottom: G2
A young, earnest maiden who is constantly mistreated by her stepmother and stepsisters.
Gender: Female
Vocal range top: G5
Vocal range bottom: G3
The feckless Giant killer who is ‘almost a man.’ He is adventurous, naive, energetic, and bright-eyed.
Gender: Male
Vocal range top: G4
Vocal range bottom: B2
Jack’s Mother
Browbeating and weary, Jack’s protective mother who is independent, bold, and strong-willed.
Gender: Female
Vocal range top: Gb5
Vocal range bottom: Bb3
The Baker
A harried and insecure baker who is simple and loving, yet protective of his family. He wants his wife to be happy and is willing to do anything to ensure her happiness but refuses to let others fight his battles.
Gender: Male
Vocal range top: G4
Vocal range bottom: Ab2
The Baker’s Wife
Determined and bright woman who wishes to be a mother. She leads a simple, yet satisfying life and is very low-maintenance yet proactive in her endeavors.
Gender: Female
Vocal range top: G5
Vocal range bottom: F3
Cinderella’s Stepmother
The mean-spirited, demanding stepmother of Cinderella.
Gender: Female
Vocal range top: F#5
Vocal range bottom: A3
Florinda And Lucinda
Cinderella’s stepsisters who are black of heart. They follow in their mother’s footsteps of abusing Cinderella.
Gender: Female
Vocal range top: Ab5
Vocal range bottom: C4
Little Red Ridinghood
A spoiled young girl who is strong-willed, quick-wited, fearless, yet youthful and naive.
Gender: Female
Vocal range top: F5
Vocal range bottom: Bb3
The Witch
Sarcastic, ugly-then-gorgeous, obsessive protector of Rapunzel who is straightforward and aggressive.
Gender: Female
Vocal range top: G5
Vocal range bottom: F3
Cinderella’s Mother
Deceased with her soul guarding and aiding her daughter from a tree.
Gender: Female
Vocal range top: F4
Vocal range bottom: E4
Mysterious Man
A mischievous vagrant and nosy meddler. He is a good-natured protector and observer.
Vocal range top: Eb4
Vocal range bottom: G2
Hungry and insatiable hunter who takes advantage of the weak by misleading and captivating his prey.
Gender: Male
Vocal range top: Gb4
Vocal range bottom: Bb2
A loopy-but-lovely maiden who is sheltered by the Witch and terribly lonely. She yearns to experience the world.
Gender: Female
Vocal range top: A5
Vocal range bottom: B3
Cinderella’s Prince
Vain and gorgeous, he is a disloyal lover who is currently searching for the next new, exciting thing.
Gender: Male
Vocal range top: F4
Vocal range bottom: B2
Rapunzel’s Prince
Just as vain and gorgeous as his Prince brother, he is always chasing the newest, most exiting endeavor.
Gender: Male
Vocal range top: E4
Vocal range bottom: C#3
Milky White
Voiceover. The Giant’s wife is an angry and vengeful ‘monster.’ She is seeking restitution for her loss.
Gender: Female
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SHOW FEE: $375 (for those 18 years & younger)

Yearly Registration (Summer 2022-Spring 2023): $25.00

Production Fees are one of the five income sources supporting each production. The others are ticket sales, sponsors, donations & advertisements. Production Fees are the seed money to get the production rolling.

What do you get for your production fee?

  • Between 80-200 hours of supervised activity for your student. That’s less than $3.00 / hour to participate!
  • Professional instruction and coaching in singing, acting, dancing, and other theater skills
  • Access to all the show’s music
  • Video references to practice select dance choreography
  • Daily & weekly production updates from our Stage Manager

Special Arrangements
While we think the Production Fee is a great value considering everything you get, we understand that it can be daunting, especially for families with multiple children in the production. To help even further, we have a few options that we offer to make things easier. If you have any questions, please speak with the Business Manager, Erin Walker, or email erin@thepactmobile.com

Payment Plan
We are happy to work with families to pay the production fee in four installments. The software is set up to do this automatically, though we ask that families pay as soon as possible but no later than the posted due dates on the calendar page.

Please see the audition form for more info.

Those ages 18 and up:
There is no production fee for adults. However, there will be a small costume fee depending on where you are cast; for more info, email office@thepactmobile.com!

Attendance Policy
Cast members are required to be present and on time for all rehearsals. Arrive 10 minutes early. Attendance is taken at all rehearsals. At auditions, you will have the opportunity on your forms to tell the Artistic Team about any planned absences, such as scheduled family vacations. Note: Taking a cast member out of rehearsal early is the same as an absence and needs to be planned just like any other absence. Taking a cast member out of rehearsal without having planned for it with the Artistic Team is an unexcused absence, just the same as missing a whole rehearsal. Any changes in attendance should be communicated to the Stage Manager.

Important Note: Regardless of the reason, excused or unexcused, if a cast member misses rehearsal (or is late for rehearsal or leaves rehearsal early), he/she may be cut from any scenes rehearsed that day. This is not a punishment, and it is simply a natural consequence of the pace of our rehearsal schedule. New material is learned each week, and then we move on. We may not have the time to back up and re-teach material for cast members who were not present.

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